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The Atelier Takeover

Date Posted: January 17, 2012

This is proof that Ottawa is by far the coolest city to be a chef.
In order to compete in the Canadian Culinary Championship in Kelowna, we have to be away the weekend of February 9th, 10th, and 11th. This means closing the restaurant over those dates, as we just don't have the staff to compete and operate Atelier at the same time. Upon learning this, Chef Matt Carmichael from restaurant 18 proposed that he and a handful of chefs put on a dinner here while we're away. And then a handful of chefs became 22 of Ottawa's best, and one dinner became three. Each of the chefs is preparing one course on the menu. Start time is 6:30 each night. Cost is $150 which includes a $50 donation to the Ottawa Food Bank.
This chef line-up almost makes me want to stay home to eat that weekend:
Thursday Feb. 9th
-Ces Santaguida,
Vittoria Trattoria
-Michael Hay,
The Courtyard Restaurant
-Matthew Brearley,
-Norm Aitken,
-Michael Blackie,
Le Cafe at the NAC
-Jamie Stunt,
Oz Kafe
-Pat Garland,
-Arup Jana, Allium

Friday Feb. 10th
-Jason Duffy,  Arc the hotel
-John Taylor, Domus Cafe
-Yannick Anton, Cordon Bleu Bistro
-Steve Mitton, Murray Street
-Caroline Ishii, Zen Kitchen
-Charles Part, Les Fougeres
-Michael Moffat, Beckta Dining and Wine
-Matt Carmichael, Restaurant E18hteen
Saturday Feb. 11th
-Clifford Lyness, Brookstreet Hotel
-Chris Deraiche, The Wellington Gastropub
-Trish Larkin, Black Cat Bistro
-Steve Wall, Luxe Bistro
-Mike Radford, Savana Cafe
-Matt Somers, It's a Matter of Cake
-Michael Farber, Farbs Kitchen and Wine Bar
-Matt Carmichael, Restaurant E18hteen


There are 12 comments on this blog.

"That's so great!"

January 17, 2012

"This is without doubt the most cool, mutually supporting cheffing thing to ever happen in the nation's capital. Good on chef Matt Carmichael for organizing, and chef Marc Lepine for taking up the mantle. And good for so, so many other chefs for selflessly contributing. Makes me very proud of Ottawa's culinary community - yet again. Now, Marc, go to BC and blow their socks off!"

Ron Eade, Ottawa Citizen
January 17, 2012

"And he did!!! Congrats."

Bob Heiss
February 12, 2012

"And he did!!!

Congrats Marc for your fantastic accomplishment and for being such a great ambassador for Canada's food scene."

Eric Pateman, Edible Canada
February 12, 2012

"Congratulations on the results in BC! Will we see pictures??"

February 13, 2012

our first marc meal was on Cache Lake and it remains one our top ten meals

our second was at atelier and is a stellar meal memory as well

so glad for this wonderful recognition for someone who is clearly fulfilling his destiny- one meal at a time!


carolyn boll
February 16, 2012

"Congratulations on the big win!! Are any of the dishes you made at the competition likely to show up on the menu at Atelier? I'd love to get a chance to taste them!"

David Poole
February 16, 2012

"Un mot, WOW !!!"

Nicole Gelinas
February 18, 2012

"Felicitation! It was a pleasure to meet you at the Friday Culinary blind wine pairing in Kelowna. Your dish was wonderful. We hope to visit Ottawa in the near future and take in dinner at Atelier."

Richard & Gina Nowicki
February 21, 2012

"Merci Marc a vous et a toute votre équipe pour cette expérience culinaire unique, digne des plus grandes tables. Vous avez contribue a faire de cette fête entre amis inoubliable. Anne Duguay"

Une expérience unique
May 5, 2012

"Nice work, regards"

Steven Perri
August 8, 2012

"Un chef avec un talent indéniable,créatif et audacieux! une équipe attentive et expérimentée! Ce fut une expérience gustative unique, un mélange de saveurs dont la chimie était plus que parfaite. Merci à l'Atelier pour cette soirée mémorable."

Sonia mailloux
March 2, 2013

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